• When booking a venue consider the following:
  • Undercover option in event of inclement weather
  • Shade for the elderly and seating as well
  • It is also a good idea to have some water handy for the guests, especially on a really hot day.
  • If you are having the ceremony on a beach, consider the guests who might  not be able to walk on the beach sand - keep the walking distance fairly close to the car park area
  • Also check with the venue provider if you are able to take drinks down onto the beach
  • Sand can be a bit of a problem on a windy day - look for sheltered areas

There are many beautiful and varied venues suitable for wedding ceremonies.

I have listed a few sites for you to visit:


    • Peel Manor House - www.peelmanorhouse.com.au - (08) 9524-2848
    • Mandurah City Council - email -  council@mandurah.wa.gov.au   (08) 9550 3777 various open air locations.
    • Lakelands Private Estate - contact -  council@mandurah.wa.gov.au - lovely lake area suitable for wedding ceremonies
    • Meadow Springs Golf Club - www. msgcc.com.au  (08) 9581-3777
    • The Ridge - Open Space Park - Baldivis http://www.ridge-baldivis.com.au/ (08) 9523-2292 sales office
    • Golden Ponds Restaurant and Function Centre   -  www.goldenponds.com.au  -  (08) 9524-1911
    • Munja Gardens - http://munjagardens.com  - (08) 9524 2885

There will be a fee payable for most of the venues, however you will have to clarify this with the relevant body - most often the fee is fairly reasonable


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